This website is meant to provide help for those who are preparing to do a retreat, who have done a retreat or who are interested in giving a retreat. All may benefit from exploring this site and its links.

What is a retreat? It is a time for reflection on the great truths of the Faith, the purpose of life and the means for reform of life and perseverance in good.

What is Catholic Tradition? It is the Faith of all time, as practiced before the revolutionary Vatican Council of the 1960's.

There is a growing revival of Sacred Tradition going on in the Church today. The main group spearheading the movement of Catholic Tradition, is the Society of St Pius X. This group organises retreats especially on the style of St Ignatius, but also on the virtues and on the Blessed Virgin Mary.

These retreats bring marvelous fruits of conversion, vocations and many blessings to families around the globe. This is a society worth investigating and supporting.

Pray first, then have fun exploring!


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Are you wondering about how best to give glory to God and repay Him for so many blessings?


From the perspective of Catholic Tradition